Referral offer

Introduce friends or family members to CoeActive Fitness and you both get rewarded!

When you refer a friend to CoeActive Fitness:

1. They'll get a '3 class intro offer' for free.
2. You'll receive £30 in account credit to be used against your next membership bill if they sign up for a Move, Groove or Unlimited membership*
(You can refer as many people as you like, go on, rack up that credit!)
How to redeem:
1. Simply share this page with your friends or family members so they can click the 'sign up' link below.
2. Give them your unique referral code. This can be found on the 'profile' tab on the TeamUp app or the referrals tab in your TeamUp account if logged in via the website.
Are you the friend or family member ready to join us on our intro offer? Amazing, click below and when prompted during sign up, please enter the unique referral code that has been given to you. The 3 class intro offer will be added to your account once you have completed sign up.


*T&C's bottom of page

* There is no limit to how many times you can give your referral code out.

* The customer must be brand new to CoeActive Fitness with no prior sign up.

* The code is unique to you and linked to your account.

* In order for the £30 credit to be applied to your account, your friend or family member must sign up for a Move, Groove or Unlimited membership.

* Once the referral has been approved by CoeActive Fitness, £30 credit will automatically be applied to your account and this credit will be taken off your membership monthly debit until the credit has been used up.

* We reserve the right to change this sign up offer at any point including the content of the offer itself and it's duration.