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How much easier would it be keeping fit for life if we actually loved the workout we were doing.....felt AMAZING afterwards.....had a super FUN time AND felt supported and welcomed as soon as you walked through the door?

Our goal is to create this experience for every single person who walks through our doors. No matter your ability or age, we are here to cater the classes for YOU.

Want to dance your socks off like the time you were on the dance floor for 4 hours at your friends party? Awesome, Zumba, 80's aerobics and Clubbercise will give you that BUZZ after every class.

Want to improve your strength so that you be on your feet all day without getting tired or when the car breaks down, you can haul those 10 bags of shopping home?
Shamazing, circuit training, body conditioning, Yoga, STRONG Nation and HiiT will flex and build those muscles.

I realised very early in my fitness career that adult fitness had become incredible boring and geared towards weight loss and promoting feelings of guilt if you had over indulged.

I thought, wouldn't it be amazing if we could provide fitness classes that are the highlight of people's day or even week?! Classes that made them feel happy, energised, lifted. Classes that made them realise their potential and feel alive with positive energy.

CoeActive was born in 2011 and we have cultivated organic relationships with incredible members and together, we make an amazing community full of positive and friendly energy. 

We look forward to welcoming you into the Clan


Try our 3 class pack intro offer and join the FUN!

Our Move monthly package is perfect for those looking to get back into fitness. Book any 5 amazing face to face or live online classes per month plus access 24/7 to our extensive On Demand library packed full of Zumba, 80's aerobics, 90's dance fitness, circuit training, Yoga plus so much more! This means you can workout with us on top of your 5 monthly classes as much as you like! Invites to all social gatherings and parties are the icing on the cake;)
Move- 5 classes
Our Groove monthly package is for those looking to continue improving their fitness and really get into the 'Groove' of classes with us;) Book any 10 awesome face to face or live online classes with us plus access to our extensive On Demand library 24/7!
We really like people like you, that's why we host social gatherings throughout the year so you can make friends, have a laugh and have FUN!
Groove- 10 classes
The Unlimited monthly package is for those who really are ready to push their fitness to the max! Enjoy free reign across the timetable, book as many classes as you like, go WILD!

If you still have energy, enjoy our On Demand library 24/7 and of course, get involved with our members social events which include coffee mornings, quiz nights, mini golf, party's, charity obstacle races to name a few so far:) Yeah, we like fitness and socialising....a lot!

Online class packs, On Demand and Yoga class package

Face to face and online
Purchase a 3 class pack for face to face classes or an online class pack for our online classes only.
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STREAM your workouts
Unlimited fitness classes at home. Workout when you want, how you want.
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