We ARE right for you if:

You want a variety of classes including face to face and online that have been chosen specifically to future proof your body, mind and confidence. We BUILD stronger people, not break them down.You want friendly local or online individuals looking for the same non-judgemental environment, all whilst getting badass fit!You want to be celebrated and welcomed for exactly who you are, whatever shape and size. Your core values are not dictated by the size of jeans you wear. 

We probably AREN’T the right fit if…..

You are looking for a quick ‘four week beach body’.You intend to get fit for just a month.You want to attend fitness classes once or twice a month. FYI, spoiler alert…you won’t get fitter or healthier this way. The Government guidelines recommend at least 75 mins of exercise per week.

YES! We know what it is like to walk into an environment that’s new and unfamiliar; it’s natural to feel apprehensive.

This is why we make it our priority to welcome new clients personally when first attending classes.

The members of CoeActive Fitness are a very friendly bunch, and within five minutes you will feel at ease.

Where our online classes are so different from others though is that as well as being fun and non-judgemental, we coach each individual. This is why we limit the number of participants in class.

Whether it is checking your form and technique or simply motivating you to reach your potential, we are coaching you from the very beginning just like a face to face class– so the only difference is there is no commute!

Coeactive Fitness is more than just about fantastic classes, you will get access to a membership group full of like-minded people who will help you get your fitness journey on the right track and help you stay there.

Since taking our classes online at the start of lockdown we have attracted members from right across the UK (and in fact the world) and due to the success of the classes, despite face to face classes returning we are carrying on with our online service.

So as well as live online classes, delivered via Zoom, we also have a range of ‘as live’ pre-records and an on-demand channel to suit all your fitness needs.

We have also launched an online-only membership which includes 10 classes and is valid for 12 weeks. Just as with all other new purchases we are also offering a seven-day money-back guarantee, so if you join and discover it’s not for you then there is no risk.

Click here for more information on our memberships.

Since the start of lockdown, we have worked with our members to create a schedule and format to suit them and allow everyone to keep up with their classes, stay on track with their fitness and stay connected with everyone through online classes and social events.

We put face to face classes back on the schedule in August but accept that the ‘new normal’ is very different for a lot of people – so it is for us as well.

As well as offering a range of socially-distanced classes in Ruislip and Eastcote we also have online and on-demand classes to fit around work, homeschooling and life in general which we all know is so different in 2020.

When it comes to face-to-face classes, we are all adhering to very strict health and safety guidelines – which can be found here.