Why Zumba won the hearts of people just like you, all over the globe.

I remember advertising my first Zumba class in Eastcote and Ruislip…. the ripple of the phenomenon we know as Zumba, was just hitting the UK. A few classes had popped up here and there and almost like Chinese whispers, people started to wonder, what was Zumba?

This new concept of dance fitness but with a Latin flare was about to knock our socks off! It was fun, creative, passionate and energetic, it was social, community driven and brought together all the elements you would want from a group fitness class. The best bit? It’s for EVERYONE. There are no egos in Zumba, it’s all about having the most fun in class and grooving to tunes from all around the world. It brought the global community together because it was relatable to us all, from Columbia to Scotland, Mexico to Greece, rhythms took us East to West, North to South and connected us all with the language of Dance and Music.

I have been running Zumba classes in Ruislip and Eastcote for 9 years under my business CoeActive Fitness and never once, ever, has this class concept felt stale. The Latin vibe keeps this amazing class fresh, current and exciting. We have had members for 9 years, attending multiple classes per week in Ruislip and Eastcote and love it just as much now as when they did their first class.

It doesn’t matter your age, gender or fitness ability, Zumba is the bridge that takes us all out of normal life and connects us under one roof with nothing but high vibe good feels ☺

If you are looking to come to one of our classes, we would love to see you. We have face to face classes in the Eastcote Royal British Legion, Ruislip Social Club and St Pauls Church hall on Tiverton road. Not local? No problem, we have live online classes and On Demand so you can be anywhere on the planet and still take a fantastic class with CoeActive Fitness!